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Oriental Pharma Company Limited proudly presents our world class pharmaceutical distributor company that certified by the Federal Food and Drug Administrator (Thailand).
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The Oriental Pharma Co., LTD. is strongly devoted for the good of the Thai citizen.

We participate in His Highness Health campaign to promote taking care of Thai citizen's health.
We are very much honored to assist the Thais into receiving the best medical service.

The Oriental Pharma Co., LTD. express our sincere loyalty to our King Phumiphol Adulyadej.
Long Live the King!


We gladly present M.D. Chutharut Siangwimol as our Staff of the Year for providing service, solution and health advices to many of our customers.
Mss. Chutharut have been with us for 5 years and we still look forward for a long-term partnership with her.