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Oriental Pharma Co., LTD. Branches

Welcome to Oriental Pharma Company Limited's Website.

Oriental Pharma Company Limited proudly presents our world class pharmaceutical distributor company that certified by the Federal Food and Drug Administrator (Thailand).

Contact Email: support@orientalpharma.com

As a certified Pharmaceutical Distributor in Thailand, our Company are divided into various of segments, including our base of operation itself are focused on the Southern Thailand. We look forward to expand to Northern Thailand within the coming year.

Our Company is divided into 3 Departments, which are later split into smaller Divisions and Teams.

Our primary method to communicate and sort out all orders and inquiries are from the Central Office:

Oriental Pharma Co., LTD.
30 Chanakit Rd M. 4,
T. Pattalung,
A. Muang,
Pattalung 93000

The address of our retail pharmacies is as follows:

Raan Ya Oriental Pharma (Saka Paan Pruk)
18 Kanjanawaanich Main Rd, Amphur Paan Pruk
Songkhla 90100

Service Time: 9am-12am, 3pm-7pm

Raan Ya Oriental Pharma (Saka Songkla)
113 Sadao Road, Muang District
Songkhla 90000

Service Time: 5pm-10pm

Raan Ya Oriental Pharma (Saka Pattani)
No.95 M.7 T.Tayung
A.Nongjit C. Pattani 94170

Service Time: 9am-12am, 3pm-7pm

Raan Ya Oriental Pharma (Saka Pattani 2)
192/33 M.10 T.Rusamile
A.Muang C. Pattani 94000

Service Time: 9am-12am, 1pm-5pm

Lastly, our personal Laboratory where we test the purity and examine contamination of various products are as follows:

Oriental Laboratory Inc.
88 Thn. Thammawithee,
T. Chorhong,
A. Muang,Pattalung 93000

All contacts are to be forwarded to our email Email: support@orientalpharma.com